OMS activities to run in lockdown

17 April 2021

Staff Reporter :
The government has decided to continue selling rice and flour in open market sales (OMS) at a fair price even during the lockdown to meet the basic food needs of low-income people.
The food ministry said in a press release on Thursday. It said the activities would continue six days a week except for Fridays and public holidays.
According to the notification, 733 metric tonnes of rice and 796 metric tonnes of flour will be sold in 715 outlets (including 10 mobile trucks) through 715 OMS dealers in the divisional and district-level cities of the country.
In Dhaka metropolis, 30 metric tons of rice is being sold daily through 10 trucks, and 124 metric tons of rice and 66 metric tons of flour are being sold through 126 outlets.
Besides, one metric ton of rice and two metric tonnes of flour per dealer will be sold daily in 151 outlets in labor-intensive Dhaka, Gazipur, Narayanganj, and Narsingdi districts and one metric ton of rice and one metric ton of flour per dealer in 311 outlets in other metropolitan and district cities.

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