Covid-19 deaths and infections a stark alarm: Help must be

18 April 2021 Editorial Desk
Covid-19 deaths and infections a stark alarm: Help must be

A 'humanitarian calamity' is engulfing South Asia as the number of COVID-19 infections has skyrocketed across several countries, including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, with more than 200,000 people infected per day. This deadlier and more infectious new wave is overwhelming hospitals and social systems heaping more distress on hundreds of millions of people already experiencing poverty and hardship, says a global humanitarian organisation.

According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) on Friday, South Asia including Bangladesh is fast becoming the new global epicentre of the pandemic. Bangladesh is recording almost 50 per cent more deaths per day than its previous peak in June last year. As the country crossed a grim milestone of 10,000 deaths on Friday when for the first time the daily reported death toll crossed the 100-mark, health experts mentioned inadequate treatment facilities as the contributing factor. Besides, they also blamed many coronavirus patients' negligence in taking their symptoms seriously and delay in seeking medical care as reasons behind the sharp rise in fatalities.

The international body termed the speed at which the virus is spreading in the South Asian region as frightening. 'Thousands of lives are being lost, this is a tragic warning to all countries that every effort must be made and we cannot afford to relax in containing this deadly coronavirus,' it said, adding, India reported yet another fresh high of 217,353 new cases, as the daily spike surpassed 200,000 for the second consecutive day, taking the total tally to 14,291,917. It also said Pakistan's daily cases are spiking, with the highest ever daily death rate. The impact on frontline workers is also catastrophic. Thousands of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers have stepped up efforts to help the elderly and those most at risk with access to lifesaving medical care, testing and vaccinations. Millions already face extreme poverty and they are being helped with food, water and other relief. There is growing evidence from health authorities that more virulent Covid-19 variants are fueling this current surge in South Asia.

We have to accept that the country belongs to everybody and everybody must feel obligated to do his best. The interest of the general public has been neglected to make it possible for some to enjoy extravagantly rich life plundering public fund and neglecting public duty. We have failed in the duties of free citizens so we are not having an accountable government. It is a shame for our educated, selfish and shameless ones that the country is not serving the ordinary people. Health service has not been getting attention to build it face a crisis situation. We have lost many doctors and health workers just because safety gears were not available. It is no good asking the government to do better because the whole system of government is broken. Still, we must do what we must.

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