Virus patients dying faster

19 April 2021

Staff Reporter :
Covid-19 patients hospitalized this year are dying faster than ever before, said a report released by the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) on Saturday.
The IEDCR report showed that a shocking 44 percent of Covid-19 patients had to be hospitalized between late January and mid April.
It also says that 48 percent of people, who died between January 28 and April 15, had lost their lives within five days of hospitalization, while 16 percent died within 10 days getting health facilities.  
The data showed that the number of monthly Covid-19 fatalities in March was 638, but 941 in just the first 15 days of April.
The IEDCR data warned of death of more female Covid patients during the period compared with the corresponding period of the last year.
The IEDCR research data also focused on the situation of taking a toll on people's mental health as well.
Research conducted during the pandemic showed 46 percent of participants carrying signs of depression while 33 percent bearing signs of anxiety.
Bangladesh has been witnessing a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths for the last couple of weeks.
The country witnessed 102 single day deaths on Sunday morning, the highest ever figure since the outbreak of the disease.
While it also recorded 101 deaths, the immediate highest toll in a single day on Friday as well as Saturday,
Till Saturday, the number of Covid-19 infections and fatalities in the country stands at 715,252 and 10,283, respectively.

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