Fresh exodus from Dhaka

20 April 2021

Syed Shemul Parvez :
Most of the members of middle class and low middle class families are in panic hearing the news of fresh weeklong lockdown as the government has decided to extend the ongoing countrywide strict measures on people's movement while Covid-19 infection is still on the rise.
Even on the sixth day of the first phase of strict lockdown, many people were seen leaving the capital city again as they have feared, once the lockdown is imposed it could be extended further.
For this they were choosing various private vehicles including motor bikes, CNG autorickshaws and private cars to start for their village homes.
And all this thing is going on in front of the members of law enforcement agency.
As a result many say, the lockdown system has become almost ineffective in the country.
On the other hand, general public are not aware enough of the horror of corona.
They are going out frequently without rational reasons.

Though some people wear masks but they didn't fit in the right place.
Besides, the social distance is neglected greatly.

Earlier, the National Technical Advisory Committee recommended extending the lockdown by one more week as seven days were not sufficient to reduce corona infections and deaths.
On the sixth day of the lockdown, people were seen leaving the capital city taking advantages the relaxation of check posts.
To avoid surveillance, some people stopped a car before a short distance from the check post and walked that short distance to dodge the law- enforces again boarded on the same vehicle.

Police said that although the vehicles movement on the roads can be controlled, the pedestrians are not being controlled in any way.
Meanwhile, it was seen various daily necessities shops were opened in the capital defying lockdown.
Besides, crowds of people were seen in the city alleys.
That is why Public Health experts have questioned the effectiveness of such a loose lockdown.

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