No water in Badda-Shahjadpur area for three months

23 April 2021

Syed Shemul Parvez :
Despite lockdown for corona epidemic and the month of holy Ramzan, the residents of the city's Badda and Shahjadpur areas have not been getting water for the last three months.
As a result, the locals fell in extreme distress in this summer. Interestingly, WASA said, work has already begun to resolve the crisis.
According to the locals, a single water tubewell is only source of water for the millions of people. All local inhabitants collect water from there.  That is why there are always queues of people for the water.
It is learned that Badda and Shahjadpur areas got no water since February.
Earlier residents organized repeated protests and agitations in the area for water, but they got nothing except government assurance.
In this crisis moment, a section of people has started trading water. A water jar of Tk 30 is now being sold at Tk 50.
In such a situation, the locals say, we have to pay the extra money to WASA after falling into the clutches of the ghost bill if we do not even get water.
WASA says there is a water crisis in some areas at this time of summer. New water pumps are being installed very soon to solve the problem.
WASA Managing Director (MD) Taksim A Khan told the media, "It's a temporary problem, it is one or two percent of our problems overall." It will be solved. In case of water crisis, WASA assured of delivering water to the area if the dwellers contact 16162 number.
It is important to stay clean during this time of corona epidemic, but getting a little bit of water on a daily basis has become difficult for the people of the area.
As a result, locals are urging WASA to be more responsible in resolving the water crisis during this time of Ramzan.

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