Eid markets start gaining pace as festival nears

03 May 2021
Eid markets start gaining pace as festival nears

A woman along with her little girl looks for new dress ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr at Basundhara City Shopping Complex in the capital on Sunday.

Noman Mosharef :
The customers' movement in the markets and shopping-malls is disappointing though Eid-ul-Fitar, the biggest religious festival of the Muslim community is knocking at the door.
As a result, the shop owners have been frustrated at the low sales of Eid items. As such the owners are demanding extension of time for keeping the market open.
Businessmen say there are some collections from what was there last year. There are quite a few new collections.
The sellers have not been able to recover the losses of last Eid. This time various offers including discounts are being given to attract buyers. Children's stores are relatively crowded.
The shops owners say they are not getting enough customers because of Covid-19.
Meanwhile, few customers say they could not buy clothes for Eid last year. This time they are trying to follow the hygiene rules.
Public transport is closed while shopping time is limited. The sellers demanded that the shopping malls be kept open in the last week of Ramadan. They say, we want more time. Moreover, in the current situation there are no customers after Iftar.
While visiting different markets in the capital, it was seen that customers were gathering in the market premises, walking, checking clothes, asking price and finally leave the shops without buying.
In Bashundra Shopping malls people are gathering, walking around stairs and ground floor and randomly moving. The scenario of the shops is without customers. The salesmen are spending their idle time gossiping each others.
Showkat Ali, a owner from Bashundara Shopping mall said, customers movement in the market increased little bit, but the sales of the Eid items did not getting momentum.
He said, we are hoping that they will recover their losses before Eid.  
Razia Sultana, a housewife, said that the sales will surely rise shortly and new items will be found. I hope to visit those to buy for my children.
In many cases, hygiene is being neglected.

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