Rumana Islam releases her new song before Eid

04 May 2021
Rumana Islam releases her new song before Eid

Entertainment Report :
Noted singer Ruman Islam’s new song titled Ekta Mon has been released on YouTube channel of Rongon Music on the occasion of coming Eid. Noted lyricist Jamal Hossain wrote lyrics of the song. The lyricist wanted to render a song in voice of Rumana Islam. Promising singer and music director Muhin Khan has composed music of the song Ekta Mon.
While talking about the song Jamal Hossain said, “For the first time, I have rendered a song which lyrics were written by Jamal Hossain Bhai. It was for the first time I lent my voice for a song which tune was composed by Muhin. Lyrics of the song are life-oriented. Muhin has composed the song so nicely. The song has already released and I believe music-lovers will enjoy the song.”
Both Jamal Hossain and Muhin Khan are very much optimistic about the song.
Rumana Islam got primary learning in music from Ustad PC Gomez. For last two decades she has been receiving lessons from Anil Kumar Saha. Rumana first acted in movie Apon Por where late Jafar Iqbal and Kobori acted. She first lent her voice for two play-back songs for movie Din Jai Kotha Thake. These songs were: Mayer moto apon keho nai and Mon majhi tor boitha nere ami ar baite parlamna.     

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