Extinct BatagurBaska turtles produce cubs

04 May 2021

Our Correspondent :
An extinct species of tortoise named BatagurBaska has hatched a total of 37 cubs at Karomjol Wildlife Breeding Centre on Friday. Of the two turtles, one gave births of 19 cubs and the other gave births of 18 cubs.
Howlader Azad Kobir, In-Charge of Karamjol Wildlife Breeding Centre confirmed the matter.
It is learnt from Karamjol Wildlife Breeding Centre that this species of tortoise is about to extinct from the world.
For this, the work of breeding of BatagurBaska started at Karamjal in 2014. It started laying turtle eggs from 2017.
Although one or two turtle lay eggs every year, but in 2021, four turtle laid 26, 23. 23, 23 eggs on 28 February, 3 March, 5 March and 20 March respectively. The eggs generally hatch after 65 to 67 days.
But this year, as a result of extreme heat, the eggs were hatched in 59 and 62 days respectively.
The other two babies will hopefully be found in time, Azad Kobir added.

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