Readers’ Voice

04 May 2021

For A Participatory, Realistic Budget

The budget for the next financial year needs to be formulated keeping the facts that there is uncertainty as to how much revenue will be achieved in the target period of the budget year. It is anticipated that the budget limit for the fiscal year 2021-2022 may exceed 6 lac crore. Before the announcement of the national budget, some practical suggestions are taken into consideration to make the budget participatory and inclusive.
Considering the overall situations, the ensuing budget has to prioritize the perspective of purchasing power of the masses and the tentative rate of inflation. In this regard my sincere urge to the concerned authority to make the upcoming budget more realistic.

Wares Ali Khan
Sadar, Narsingdi

Ban Free fire, PUBG Mobile Game

Closing school means study is almost out of mind from our youngsters. That is children do nothing amid this pandemic. Due to the high accessibility to smart devices and vast amount of time our teenagers use it negatively by playing free fire and PUBG mobile game. Most of the time in a day, they are busy with playing free fire and PUBG. They have become fully addicted to this game. Without this game they cannot think anything, even whenever a group of teenagers come to each other they only discuss about the free fire mobile game that I witnessed in last month. After that I was observing the teenagers of different villages of my district, unfortunately they are also addicted to this game. Situation is very alarming now.
Therefore, an integrated approach is necessary to build gaming free young generation. Let's start from our own family. Government should ban the games as early as possible.

Md Billal Hossen
Islamic University, Bangladesh

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