Few non-PSC job circular in one year: Candidates cross age limits

04 May 2021

Noman Mosharef :
Rubel Ahmed has completed post-graduation from Jagonnath University. His age limit for government jobs apply has expired three month earlier. He could not apply for jobs in last one year, as there was limited job circular. Due to ongoing lockdown Rubel has lost his tuition. Depressed Rubel is thinking uncertainty is his only way for future.
A significant number of job seekers situations as like as Rubel Ahmed.
About 1.5 lakh job applicants' age limit have expired during the pandemic situation. They could not sit for any competitive exam more than one year. The concerned ministry is thinking how it would possible to minimize the loss. Besides, the cemented circulars will be published after the Covid-19 situation become normal.
An organisation that works for job seekers said, only 13 per cent government job circulars have been published during the coronavirus pandemic. About 1.5 lakh job applicants are unable to apply in that time.
They demanded to the authorities to extend the age limit for application considering the pandemic situation.
Ministry of Public Administration's earlier decision was that those age limit for government job application expired on 25 May, 2020, they will get more five month until August 25 for application.
Moreover, the ministry is now saying that though the Covid-19 situation still not normal, they are thinking and also work on how the loss can be minimized?
The ministry further said, unpublished and extra more circulars will be published as early as possible when Covid-19 situation will improve.
Age limit for government jobs become a nightmare for the job seekers in the country.
Once upon a time the maximum age for entry into government service was 25. After the independent this age limit was increased to 27 years.
Due to session jams at universities in the 1980s, most of the students could not complete their undergraduate, especially postgraduate education by the age of 27. Then in 1991 the government had increased the age of entry into government jobs to 30 years.

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