ICDs asked to remove containers from port urgently

12 May 2021

Chattogram Bureau :

 The port authorities on Sunday wrote to the private ICDs to remove about 10,000 TEUS containers on an emergency basis to keep the operational activities of the Chittagong port moving and the container handling inside the port uninterrupted. In particular, 40- and 45-foot containers have been instructed to be removed from the port yard quickly.
According to port sources, about 37,000 containers were loaded and unloaded inside the port yesterday. There has been a lot of pressure on the container over the last few days. It contains a large number of ICD-oriented containers. Ships anchored at the jetty also have plenty of ICD-bound containers. If these containers are removed, the yard situation will be completely normal. Concerned officials said there were 11,256 TEUS containers loaded with private ICD-oriented goods inside the port yesterday. In addition, there are 3994 TEUs of depot-bound containers on various ships at the jetty.
There are 4395 TEUS empty containers facing the depot. These containers have created huge hills of depot-oriented containers. Of these, 40 and 45 foot containers are disrupting the normal operational activities of the port. If these are removed, the containers at the port yard will drop below 30,000 TEUS, officials said. They said that if the ICD containers were removed quickly, the handling of containers in the yard would be much easier. In this situation, the ICDs have been instructed to remove the 9845 TEUS containers on an emergency basis with an emergency letter yesterday.
The letter, signed by the terminal manager of the port authority, said the containers needed to be removed on an emergency basis to speed up the port's operational work. In order to increase the speed of port operational activities, it has to be ensured that the containers are unloaded from the ship within 4 days of free time and all the containers belonging to the same B / L can be taken to the depot at the same time. In the situation of Covid-19, special steps have been taken to conduct vessel operation, yard operation and import container operation in the port.

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