Wow Play TV getting popularity as video creator on Facebook page

20 May 2021
Wow Play TV getting popularity as video creator on Facebook page

Entertainment Report :
Wow Play TV is a drama video creator, broadcasting and media company of the country where they are operating their production as a video creator on their Facebook page Wow Play TV, which is based on entertainment. They
produce exceptional funny, motivational, dramatic video scenes, drama series from their Facebook page which is also visible to Facebook Watch. Recently, Wow Play TV
got massive response on the drama series Khato Jamai 2 released this year which is a sequel of Khato Jamai.
Now most of the film production companies are depending on video on demand platform to establish their brands. Wow Play TV is one of them. They are continuing their production from 2019 where they are focusing only on Facebook Watch as a video creator. They released multiple Bengali dramas as a series with top ranked celebrity of Bangladesh such as Khato Jamai, Khato Jamai 2, Mia Bari, Oshikkhito Bou, Ultrasonography, Ma Baba and so many. For upcoming video content, the owner of Wow Play TV Eshan Haider said that Wow Play TV is going to release another comedy drama series Petuk Bou season one which
is directed by Idris Haider and Eshan Haider.

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