To seek alternative to Assad is not to be Russia's concern

13 June 2021 Editorial Desk
To seek alternative to Assad is not to be Russia's concern

President Assad of Syria is assured of Russia's support for his survival because he is their type to serve their interest. Winning elections in Russian style is no problem. President Putin will not go by election defeat. He will not tolerate an alternative to be alive. That is the Russian way. That is the communist way.

Mr Assad is a  ruthless mass murderer. Millions of people left the country to live as refugees in different countries. He has no shame that his people are living as beggars abroad. Syria is a ravage country with limited control over limited area.

The question is whether a killer has an legitimacy to be in power. Looking for an alternative is the responsibility of the people. The whole approach is Russian. You have the army and intelligence agencies to take care of the opposition. So use them to remain in power and the country is yours.

The system is called as the government of proletariat but their leaders are liking never to give up power. This others call socialist monarchy.

The Russian Foreign Minister also spoke of the Syrian Constitution tailor made by President Assad.

If human rights are to be respected and democracy is to have a future then gun power base ruthless oppressive dictators should be the targets of the free Western World.

The strong commitment the US President Biden has been making since he assumed power is great hope for oppressed people in small countries. However hard he tries the countries of the communist big powers will not respect human rights or free election.

They are trying to survive by spreading their kind of dictatorship in other places. Already they have found friends in Asia and Africa. The communist powers take full risks, but the West is half hearted in the commitment.

Myanmar army is defying the world to establish it's rule through gun power. No mercy is shown in killing people. The gun power politics must be resisted for saving the world from the new kind of servitude.

The free world powers have to take risk of facing big powers maintaining gun power dictators against the people's government through free and fair elections.

The gun power dictators of communist kind should be a main concern to make the world safe from the power grabbing ruthless one. Under such a system the country belongs to the government and corruption has no limit for buying anti-people supporters.

We draw the attention of the free world to new gun power politics. We do not want the army should be used to kill their own people so that the men in government can enjoy power and luxury as never before.

Others who are still living in the war raged country suffer inhuman miseries.

In an interview with Al Jazeera Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Sergei Alexeyevich Ryabkov answered to a question whether he finds it wrong to support such a huge murderer of his own people, his answer was there is no alternative to President Assad in the country. He also won election in a massive way.

Massive murderers "win" elections massively because elections are farcical.

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