Law enforcing agencies must not take the blame of the enforced missings and hidings

21 June 2021 Editorial Desk
Law enforcing agencies must not take the blame of the enforced missings and hidings

The police have yet not given a justifiable answer to the suspicious 'hiding' of Islamist preacher Md Afsanul Adnan popularly known as Abu Twa-Ha Muhammad Adnan, but the incident turned too mysterious when one Siam Ibne Sharif on Sunday told media that he had no idea about his friend's (Twa-Ha) hiding at his own home.

Earlier, police claimed that they were in hiding at his friend Siam's home in Gaibandha after Abu Twa-Ha and his three accompanies went missing along with a microbus on June 10. What's most noteworthy is that Siam, who lives in Rangpur for his job at a cellular phone company, has lost his job for alleged connection to the hiding incident.

Returning eight days after missing on June 18, Twa-Ha is now with his family in Rangpur city. Like other 'missing' persons who later returned home following severe pressure from media and human rights organizations; Twa-Ha after his return on June 18 has decided to stay tight lipped and refrained from meeting media persons.

Why the 'missing' persons like Twa-Ha after their return stay mum - is a big question. Another big question is -why Twa-Ha will be in hiding with two persons along with a rented microbus and its driver? This excuse is very silly. Police need a solid defence.

Families of victims have alleged that they have to face harassment and intimidation by the law-enforcement agencies while reiterating their demands - to know the whereabouts of the disappeared persons. Still many children do not know whether they have been orphaned and many wives still in dark whether they are widows.

Our appeal to everybody, please do not abuse powers to make Bangladesh an uncivilised country. It is not believable that outsiders are responsible for all the criminal activities done in the name of our law enforcing agencies.

Bangladesh has earned a bad name as a cruel country where murder, rape and forced disappearances are too common and found in everyday newspapers. It is no prude to project our people as dangerous when they are too tolerant and peace loving moderate Muslims. If outsiders are so powerful than it is the responsibility of our law enforcing agencies to prove their manliness.

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