Phone tapping SC lawyers serve legal notice on govt

23 June 2021

Staff Reporter :
A legal notice has been served upon the concerned bodies of the government to inform what necessary steps have been taken to prevent the phone tapping and to ensure the citizens' right to privacy of telecommunication.
Advocate Mohammad Shishir Manir served the notice on Tuesday on behalf of 10 Supreme Court lawyers to the authorities concerned, requesting them to inform about the measures taken to this effect in seven working days.
If the respondents do not furnish the information in seven days, the notice senders will have no other option but to take legal action against them for getting proper redress, without further reference, the lawyers said in the legal notice.
The lawyers, in the legal notice, mentioned that in recent years they have come across numerous incidents of eavesdropping and recording of private telephone conversations from various newspaper reports published in national dailies.
The respondents who have been served the legal notice are secretaries to the ministry of posts, telecommunications and information technology, post and telecommunication division, information and communication technology division, and chairman of BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission).
The 10 lawyers who served the legal notice are Rezowana Ferdouse, Uttam Kumar Banik, Shah Navila Kashphi, Farhad Ahmed Siddiky, Mohammad Noab Ali, Mohammed Ibrahim Khalil, Mustafizur Rahman, GM Muzahidur Rahman, Imurl Kayes and Eakramul Kabir.

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