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Now we have politics of grave digging

19 September 2021 Editorial Desk
Now we have politics of grave digging

After the election robbery politics has been well-organised through bribing and with police help the government supporters, being of no use for winning election, have begun politics of grave digging.

They do not have to depend on Bangabandhu as political capital because his popularity is counted if popular election was in practice. Bangabandhu's fame and popularity is also of no help for the government to win election. Otherwise people would not have been deprived of their voting power. It is difficult to know how they have improved their own image by praising Bangabandhu to be the greatest of the great.

Let them say what great things they have done, how honest they have remained. Spending and sharing big money on big projects is no service to the people by politicians. Most of the mega projects are in a never ending condition.

It does not take two years to defraud simple minded people of one thousand crore takas openly.

The country is awash with corruption and the big corrupt ones have made solid arrangements  abroad to live in luxury with our stolen money.

All kinds of drug are widely available and our frustrated young ones are prey to it destroying their future and that of the nation.

The police way of dealing with the drug problem is to file cases and send them for imprisonment. The Health Ministry or Narcotics Department is not concerned with taking care of the victims. The drug business is the well connected with powerful people.

This is how the country is being by run by the followers of Bangabandhu upholding his ideals. Can we agree?

Do they disagree that the bureaucrats are the masters instead of the politicians. The politicians in power now cannot imagine to allow free election.

We did have great leaders in the past to fight for the people's rights and welfare. They were not afraid to face people in a free election.

So far as the bureaucrats are concerned they are assured that nothing will happen to them when disaster will strike. They are the permanent government officials.

As if we the living beings are not for good governance. The people's votes have no importance. They do not have to cast their votes to give legitimacy to those who claim to be the elected government. The people gave lives to have a government of their own. Those who lived safely during Pakistan's military genocide are now seem to own the country.

Whether it is realised or not politics is dead in Bangladesh. The politicians cannot blame anybody other than themselves. They made politics corruption business and depended on bureaucrats for managing the government. The truth is both Begum Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina found it easy to use party men as sycophants eulogising them for their jobs and benefits.

As living beings our people are not important. They have no say in the government. The government also does not find it necessary to listen to them. Their miseries and distress go on intensifying. The public servants have no accountability to the people as the government is not of people's representatives.

As the government is not good for those alive and remedies against the wrongs perpetrated on the people cannot be ensured, the political side of the government has recently become very exciting to whose body was buried where, whether the grave contains the right person's body.

Present campaign is regarding President Zia's dead body. To them this is the most important political subject. In Zia's grave opposite the parliament the body is not that of Zia. So it has to be removed from its present place.

Can it be a major political party's grave concern whose body is in which grave. Now let there be grave hunting. We are what we are please do not degrade us any further by those who not fit anything has begun grave hunting politics. Let them keep themselves busy with digging grave politics.

The atmosphere is that no educated honest man with any sense of honour is attracted to politics. One wonders how we shall have honourable and political leaders where politics is an intellectual exercise.

There has to be politics and there will be the need of educated leadership if the country is to be built as place for happy life for the living ones. The politics is knowledge about governance.

Plunderers have fun in looting the country and cheating the people is to be stopped. Vaccines for Corona virus are still not available for vast majority of the people. Oxygen supply is inadequate. The people die in hundreds from Corona every day. Why timely arrangement was not made the government has no answer. For shortage of oxygen the doctors could not save many lives.

The country's economy is in tattered condition. All the sectors of economy are crumbling.

Instead of helping the people to survive the economic hardship every bureaucratic trick is applying to increase government revenue. The people are treated as beasts of burden.

Police cases are increasing by leaps and bounds. Nobody has any responsibility to stop crimes because crime is politics. The serious offences like killing, kidnapping, rape and drug dealing are too easy for some people. The gangsters are keeping the society in fear.

Taking everything into account this idea of grave digging is not a bad idea.

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