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US should ask forgiveness for betraying its core values and mass killing

22 September 2021 Editorial Desk
US should ask forgiveness for betraying its core values and mass killing

President Joe Biden, while addressing his nation later last month on the Kabul airport tragedy, spoke touchingly of the ultimate sacrifice made by the US servicemen and women. The airport attack claimed the lives of 13 American troops and over 160 Afghan civilians. Then Mr. Biden turned to his enemies and said, "We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay." Many have observed that his response echoed the sentiment of George W. Bush 20 years ago in the wake of 9/11 al-Qaeda attacks. Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network had attacked the Twin Towers in New York and Pentagon in Washington, DC, in which about 3,000 people were killed.

During the two decades, the US Army lost 2,442 soldiers. The war project cost the US over $2 trillion on the war in Afghanistan as well as for the lavish life leading of the US and NATO soldiers. However, all the American troops have been withdrawn from Afghanistan by August 30.

The US military operations committed mass murders and inhuman torture on millions of people in Vietnam. Afghanistan and elsewhere carelessly. How about unforgiveness for those people?  After mass killings both in Vietnam and Afghanistan, America left the countries in haste finding the situation unsafe for their men and local supporters. The wars in Afghanistan as well in Vietnam were conducted showing their superior fire power with no serious considerations of winning minds and hearts of people. In other words without caring for serious policy decisions. America's wrong policies created more enemies than friends, especially among those who were eager to remain friends.

The US is more engaged in super power politics with Russia and China for their trade and economic benefits. For the US to be another China or Russia is not welcome to those who are fighting for human rights.

The US should ask forgiveness for betraying the greatness of America to support the cause and welfare of the people. It has become easier for some countries to deny people their human rights including their right to free election. The military-bureaucratic dictatorship is emerging as a new phenomenon in many countries through farcical election. They live monarchical life at the cost of poor people. Such government's real power lies in corrupting the whole government system making lives of the ordinary people miserable.

Competing in military power is a defeat for America. America' real victory should be for its core values. America must show it's power against the increasing helplessness of the people against gun power and meaningless election.

America has done many wrongs and still its policy is not reversing. Its interest in expanding military power is insatiable and not influence for its greatness as a force of human rights.

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