Angry biker sets bike on fire in Dhaka

28 September 2021

A ride-sharing biker set fire to his bike as a traffic police 'attempted to fine him' on Badda-Gulshan link road in the capital on Monday.
The incident occurred around 9:30 am when Shawkat Hossain, 40,was waiting on the road near Janata Insurance building with others for customers.
Traffic sergeant Debopriya went to Shawkat and sought papers from him to check those.
At one stage, Shawkat got furious and set his bike afire.  When local people tried to extinguish the blaze, he obstructed them.
Later, he was taken to Badda Police Station where Shawkat said that he was depressed as he had suffered huge losses in business due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Then he got engaged in ride-sharing service to survive, said assistant commissioner of Traffic (Badda zone) of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Subir Chandra Das.

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