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11 October 2021

Formation of the
e-commerce sector
a must!

In the state of new normalcy induced by Covid-19, several unregistered e-commerce companies have sprung up like a frog's umbrella. Subsequently, a great number of us have already been fallen into the trap of fraudulent business designed in the name of e-commerce to fill owners' pockets.
As e-commerce buyers, we have an intense emotion with huge excitement to purchase any products without considering further. On the other hand, self-deception, and to make others' money consumed is inherent in many of us. By the way, we tend to buy various e-commerce products irrespective of the true need or necessity.  So, there is no chance to avoid our liability here as buyers.
It is always desirable to execute an effective counter-insurgency effort at the outset rather than the next step after being happened in case of any financial fraudulence. In the absence of proper oversight of commercial activities in the sector, especially in the absence of specific guidelines and integrated policies, the so-called e-commerce entities have resorted to premeditated plunder.
Therefore, it is necessary to ensure punishment to those who are the mainstay of such mass deceptions and fraudulent business activities taking advantage of the subconsciousness of the common consumers. And it is the right time to take practical and effective steps to reshape the existing e-commerce sector by implementing a radical reformation drive.

W. A Khan
Sadar, Rangpur

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