No Time to Die: A tragic tear-jerker for Daniel Craig’s fans

12 October 2021
No Time to Die: A tragic tear-jerker for Daniel Craig’s fans

Hiring Hans Zimmer for a project is :
a spoiler in itself. Here, the legendary German composer has been given essentially the same responsibility that he had on The Dark Knight Rises; being a companion to a character on their last legs, holding out a hand when they need it the most, and
providing support when they’re all by themselves. Besides star Daniel Craig himself, Zimmer’s score has perhaps the greatest impact in the moving final moments of No Time to Die, the actor’s fifth and final film as Commander James Bond; a melodrama masquerading as a muscular action picture.
It’s a second bite at the cherry, almost. Because Craig sat on the fence about his future as Agent 007 the last time as well, ‘Spectre’ was hastily dressed up as a swan song. Forgettable as that film was, you’re going to have to remember certain elements from it if you want to understand what’s going on in this one. That might be a difficult task, considering that an entire American presidency has run its course in the six years since ‘Spectre’ disgraced our movie screens. No Time to Die is almost worth the wait. Overlong and often very silly; visually stunning from start to finish and, in its final act, unexpectedly emotional, director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s film isn’t so much concerned with reinventing Bond as it is with reshaping the world around him.
    --Hindustan Times

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