Two injured in fox bite at Tarash

15 October 2021

Our Correspondent :
Two people, including a woman, were injured in a fox bite at Tarash in Sirajganj. It is learned that on Wednesday, Md. Raushan Ali (50), a former UP member of Vyat village of the upazila, went out to work on Vyat road in Mangalbaria.
At that time, a fox came from the side of the pond by the side of the road and attacked him, biting his hand, leg and waist and left. People came to his rescue and rescued him. Shortly afterwards, Polly Khatun, 35, of Vyat village, was bitten by a fox in the same manner. People rushed to her rescue and brought her to Tarash Hospital. The on-duty doctor gave her vaccine and first aid. After many combined efforts, the fox was killed by the locals.
Md. Yunus Tarashi of Santan village said that many ponds have been dug by occupying the government canal along the road. Illegal pond diggers have planted various trees including banana trees on the banks of the pond and turned it into a bush. There are innumerable foxes in the bushes by the pond.

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