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15 October 2021

Teenage gang
culture: an acute social-problem
Teenage gang culture has become one of the grave social maladies at the present time. This gang culture is driving tender-age kids of our society towards several dangers. They are involved in various criminal activities like-drug selling and use, theft, robbery, eve-teasing, rape, and even murder. One of the prime reasons for this social evil is the indifference of parents towards their children, and not giving quality time.  In recent times, the free access to the Internet and its misuse are further increasing this criminal tendency among them.  It is often seen that the members of the teenage gangs are becoming much reckless under the patronage of political Godfather. Moreover, the lack of tolerance, degradation of existing social values, aggression of subcultures and the display of heroism, etc. are involving teenagers in gang culture.  Experts opine that the lack of proper counseling for the beleaguered teenagers, lack of adequate, and wholesome entertainment, and lack of practice of religious, and cultural norms as well as rituals are also largely responsible for the transformation of teen gangs.
Therefore, in addition to legal measures, to stop teenage gang culture and crime, counseling including other necessary correctional measures must be undertaken. There is a definite need to execute parental surveillance and control on children in the family. At the same time, there is an urgency to strengthen awareness-raising campaigns, and activities in collaboration with various academic settings, social workers, parents and civil society.
Monirul Haque Rony
Lecturer, Department of Social Work
Savar Govt. College

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