No respite in price hike of essentials

16 October 2021

Noman Mosharef :
Few days ago,  the price of broiler chicken was Tk 110-120  per kilo and the Pakistani cock (Sonali chicken) was Tk 210-230, whereas those  are being sold at Tk 190-200 and Tk 330-350 per kilo respectively.
The price of farm and Pakistani chicken increased by Tk 80-90 and Tk 120-130  only respectively  within a  month,  which reflects traders' unlimited greed for profit.
After talks  with the  traders, it has been clear  that the main reason for hiking chicken price is to make up loss on account of Covid-19 . Besides, the social programme like marriage ceremony has increased the demand for chicken, raised the price.
The other daily commodities are also being sold at high prices in the market. In the last  week, the onion price decreased by  Tk 10 and is being sold at Tk 60 to 70 (Local) and  sugar at Tk 80.
There are no vegetables except potato sold  below  Tk 70 only. Contrarily, potato sells at  Tk 20 in the market.  Per kg chilly sells  at Tk 160-200 only and  the coarse rice  at about Tk 50 only, Nazirshil at Tk 65-70, Minikate at Tk 60-65 and atashbalam is at Tk 55.
Golam Kibria Kama, a resident of Maniknagar  we are tired of price-hike of the essential commodities. We want the government's intervention for a relief. Trader Ajmal Hossain, from  Malibagh Bazar said more and more broilers are going to the restaurants. This is one of the reasons of rising of price.
On the other hand, eggs which were selling at Tk 36-40 last week has come down to Tk 36. The garlic is being sold at Tk 130-140 from the last  week at Tk 125.
Edibleoil is being sold at Tk 140-150 in grocery stores. Coarse pulses are being sold at Tk 95-100 and thin pulses at Tk 100-110.
Winter vegetables have started arriving at the market, but unable to relieve limited income group of people. Tomatoes are being sold at Tk 120 per kilo,  and Chinese carrots at Tk 140-160.
Beans are being sold at Tk 100-120 and Luffa (jhinga) at Tk 50. One piece of small cauliflower and cabbage sells at Tk 50, Radish at at Tk 60, Bitter guard at Tk 70-80, snake gourd (chichinga) at Tk 60, purbal at Tk 60, Ladies finger at Tk 60 and barbati at Tk 80.
Vegetable sellers say there is no shortage of vegetables in the market. But the price is high. Retailers are being forced to sell at higher prices to cover greed..
There is no relief in the fish market. Rui is being sold at Tk250-280 per kg. Pangas at Tk 100-140, large pabda at Tk 450-500, small tilapia at Tk 100-120, lobster at Tk 600-750 and horn fish at Tk 400-500 per kg. Small kachki fish is available for Tk 400 and Mola fish for Tk 300 per kg.

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