Not respecting HC's directions by govt officials is unacceptable

28 October 2021 Editorial Desk
Not respecting HC's directions by govt officials is unacceptable

The High Court on Sunday showed anger at the finance ministry, the Bangladesh Bank and other respondents for not submitting a report as per the court order that sought the names of the Bangladeshi nationals and companies which laundered money and deposited the same to Swiss Banks and other foreign banks. The court wanted to know why respondents are not producing the list of money launderers and what steps they have taken to bring back that money. This is a matter of great public interest.

When the government officials are not prompt in responding to the orders of the higher courts one can imagine how they treat the lower courts. The High Court Division is part of the highest court of the country namely the Supreme Court. In the present case it may be possible for the officials taking a longer time to collect all the information sought by the court. In that case the court should have been appraised of the difficulties they were facing despite their best of efforts. But it cannot be denied that a bureaucratic culture of unaccountability is growing among a small section of high officials who had a part for making the government non-functional. The courts, especially the Supreme Court is constitutionally empowered to ensure accountability.

The authority of the Supreme Court to see public servants respect law is more essential for the discipline of the government to run properly than doing good of the people. We are aware that there are some who would be happy to annihilate the judiciary so that the government becomes all arbitrary and corrupt and the people become anti-government. Even if the government wants, the officers will not be responsible unless there is judicial supervision over action as required by the system. Good or bad any system needs law to be followed.

 The Supreme Court is to do justice being done not only between the individuals but also the government and the people by keeping the wheels of power within the bounds of law. The officials must be taken to task for neglecting their obligations to law. The government is grinding to a halt for negligence of duty.

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