Relationship with Dignity & Equality

04 November 2021
Relationship with Dignity & Equality

Dr. Syed Nesar Ahmad Rumy :
Man, by nature, is logical. But two characteristics in human mind are always fighting with each other and these are logic and emotion. No person is out of this state. Every time decision making by a person depends greatly on those two issues. Taking right decision might be at stake if the predominance of emotion acts strongly in the mind of the person who wants to take decision on any serious matter.
Reciprocal relationship with dignity and equality is very important in our lives. Often some people think about themselves that they are more dignified and they posses upper status than the people surrounding them. Actually it is a big mistake and those people soon realise that they are wrong and having wrong notion. No one is indispensable in this world. In this way that person exposes his/her littleness in the society.
In this world everything is always in balance. Maintaining balance is the main thing of everything. In the husband wife relationship many factors work that we know. But the human relationship does not depend always upon logic. Many a times it works according to passion and emotion. And husband-wife relationship is not out of this process. But at the end subjective interest it also works between them. Those who do not agree on this point are not on the way of truth.
We see, in the boyhood time brothers and sisters were very much in one unit in a family but over the years this bonding will be decreased considerably. After the death of parents everybody goes to be very subjective and practical. Actually it is not unusual rather it is the true picture of human life and the society. In adolescent time all are generally used to be very close with each other. In this time emotion and passion appear to be very active among them. This friendship continues long time. But over the years, while they get matured logic and different arguments works slowly in their mind. For that reason passion and emotion get less priority in their lives. It is the true picture of that situation.
Aspiring ideal situation is very much common to all. Everybody is running after to this ideal situation. But in many occasions people are not getting their desired service after paying all the dues or being cheated sometimes they knock the doors of the influential persons of society and the whole society is passing with this phenomenon. Something in somewhere is in total disarray situation in our country. But in some cases strong commitments and undertakings to the people are visible in some organizations. In this context, we cannot make generalized this situation. The side of despair situation is strong. And for that reason these anomalies happen in the society.
So, one can assess the quality of society noticing the situations/conditions of country. We can take a number variable and other procedure to assess the society and governance. In this way, transparency of various governmental, non-governmental functionaries has to be restored. Generally, people's mind, attitude are not kept stable without getting due service by spending money.
To be a civilised and developed nation civic sense and appropriate functioning of government machinery are very much essential and necessary. We have the target to be a developed country by 2040. For that reason everyone of this country should think positively and everyone should contribute their highest effort for the betterment of the country. Transparent transactional system might be one of the pillars of a civilised nation. Now our country lacks this. But we hope soon our society and state will get a transparent transactional system and people of this country have the right to know everything through their representatives. And our country will emerge as a developed nation. We all look forward to those days.

(Dr. Rumy is former Civil Servant).

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