RMG workers block Mirpur road demanding pay hike

25 November 2021

bdnews24.com :
Police said the protest started around 9 am on Wednesday, when the workers blocked the bus stand area in Mirpur-10. Hundreds of workers from  factories in the area joined the demonstration.
The workers were seen setting fire to plastic on road dividers and chanting slogans. Some even carried rods.
A garment worker who took part in the protest said that the prices of all kinds of products have gone up in the market. Rent and bus fare have also increased, but their wages have remained stagnant.
The workers had also staged a protest in the Mirpur area on Tuesday to push for the same demands. The workers allege they were attacked by "goons on the side of the owners" that day.
Rafiqul Islam, an inspector from Mirpur Police Station said: "Workers are protesting to demand a 10 per cent pay hike." "They claim that workers were killed in yesterday's attack, which is not true," he said.
Due to the blockade, traffic came to a halt at the important city intersection, causing severe traffic congestion on nearby roads.

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