Violence in UP polls: 92 died in three phases

03 December 2021

Staff Reporter :
About 92 people were killed in the three phases (First phase held on June 21 and September 21, second on November 11 and third on November 29) of ongoing Union Parishad (UP) election across the country, according to media reports.
On the other hand, about 47 people died, 78 were critically injured by bullets and more than five hundred people were light to moderate  injured at ongoing Union Parishad (UP) polls violence. There were 98 clashes
happened over UP election. Among 47, 16 were killed by gun fire while four by law enforces said Manobadhiker Sanskriti Foundation (MSF), an organization works for human right.
Electoral beauty has been tarnished by widespread violence. Unbearable pain, crying and sighing at the loss of relatives has caused great distress in the minds of the people, it added.
According to MSF almost all of those killed in the election violence are supporters or activists of the candidates who took part in the polls. The highest death toll was 11 in Narsingdi district.  On the other hand, a significant number of deaths occurred on November 29, which was 11 people. A woman, a student and a BGB member were killed in the election violence.  In Nilphamari, houses of six minority families were vandalized and looted in the post-election period. Polling has been postponed in 21 centers due to various irregularities including occupation of polling stations.
MSF said, officials, including the Election Commission, promised to take all possible measures for the non-violent UP And Upazila Parishad election. But, in reality, levels of anxiety, violence, violence and casualties have been added.
Due to electoral conflict, violence and various irregularities, the people are being deprived of the right to freely choose the representative of their choice.
As a result, successive elections have become a farce, and these questionable elections continue to erode confidence.
Observations say Awami League was opponents of the Awami League in the polls. The Awami League has fielded a single candidate nominated by the party in the Union Parishad and Upazila Parishad election. Awami League leaders are contesting as independent candidates in most places without getting nomination.
It further said both sides have resorted to conflict and violence in occupying the electoral field. Law enforcement is powerless to control the conflict between the ruling party and itself. In many places, the situation is out of the control of law enforcement because both sides are strong locally, or because of the alliance with both sides, no action has been taken to prevent electoral violence.

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