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22 December 2021

Merry Christmas Sir Frank Peters and thank you

I am fortunate to teach a WONDERFUL group of pupils at a secondary school where there is no corporal punishment to any degree permitted, thanks to a very switched-on compassionate Headmaster.
This has not always been the case, even after it became unlawful, which is why I am not mentioning the name of the school.
In 2018 corporal punishment was sent to its grave and given 'full burial rights'. I remember the occasion very well because we actually did have a burial ceremony!
One day, the new headmaster gave a pep talk at assembly, making it very clear to all pupils that he abhorred corporal punishment, but joked he was in favour of the death penalty for pupils who misbehaved!
A small fire was lit in the middle of the playground. Each pupil was given a match (to represent the stick by which they were beaten in the past). The pupils were asked to commit themselves to behaving properly in and outside the classroom, do their homework, help each other and co-operate with the teaching staff. If they disagreed, they were not required to light the match.
All the pupils, without exception, filed past and threw their matches on the small fire in solidarity with the Headmaster.
We owe this change to Sir Frank Peters for his relentless efforts to bring about change in thinking to the teaching profession and enhance the teacher-pupil relationship that we now enjoy. Many of his New Nation reports hang on the school noticeboard for all to see.
May we (collectively) through New Nation wish Sir Frank a very Merry Christmas and thank him for the love he has given to Bangladesh, through his compassionate anti corporal punishment campaign.
Mariam Akter,

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