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Kazakhstan President ordered army to ‘kill without warning’: People need help

08 January 2022
Kazakhstan President ordered army to ‘kill without warning’: People need help

Editorial Desk :
President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has ordered security forces to "kill without warning" to crush the violent protests that have paralyzed the former Soviet republic and reportedly left dozens dead.
In a defiant public address Friday, Tokayev said the unrest that began earlier this week as protests against rising fuel prices had been masterminded by well-trained "terrorist bandits" from both inside and outside the country. Kazakh state media reported Friday that 18 security personnel and 26 "armed criminals" had been killed in violent protests. More than 3,000 people have been detained.
The question raised is what should be the role of the army. They must remain as a defence force and not to be seen as killers of their own people only to protect somebody in power. Who shall be in the government is a political decision of the people. We want to see the army of Kazakhstan to behave as professional soldiers and not as hired soldiers of a hated dictator.
CNN further reported that the president's speech attempted to undermine the narrative that the demonstrations were a product of popular unrest that turned increasingly destructive and deadly. Tokayev said the violence was the product of a well-organized enemy, armed with sleeper cells for carrying out "terrorist attacks" and "specialists trained in ideological sabotage, skillfully using disinformation or 'fakes' and capable of manipulating people's moods."
CNN quoted the president elaborating the crisis said that the actions of the protesters showed the presence of a clear plan of attacks on military, administrative and social facilities in almost all areas, coherent coordination of actions, high combat readiness and bestial cruelty," Tokayev said. "They need to be destroyed."
"We are neither thugs nor terrorists," one woman said. "The only thing flourishing here is corruption".
Amnesty International said the protests are "a direct consequence of the authorities" widespread repression of basic rights of people.
The government has relentlessly persecuted peaceful dissents, leaving the Kazakhstani people in a state of agitation and despair," said Marie Struthers, Amnesty's director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in a statement.
It is reported that Russia has been sending troops and other military help at the call of the Kazak president.
The situation in Kazakhstan is an example of how monstrous an autocrat can be. For own survival in power against the oppressed and exploited people the autocrat government can ask the army to kill their own people even without warning. He has asked Russian troops for using force against his people. The president has gone mad to save himself from his people. He used the country as his family property and appointed his family members in different important positions for looting the country and to continue in power through violence leaving no room for a peaceful solution.

The international community must come out forcefully to save oppressed people of Kazakhstan. If Russia can dare supply military assistance other countries must also not hesitate to be on the side Kazak people, opposite to killer autocrat. The people are dying helplessly and the autocrat must be removed from helm for punishment in international court   
The army must not respond as slaves of the autocrat to kill their own people. The army is maintained by the government to save the people from foreign aggression and not to kill their own people. When the president invited foreign troops it is clear that he cannot be sure of support from the army. Of late Russia is flexing its military muscles under President Putin.
We expected Russia to change and it will not go so far to send army to deal with internal situation of another country, especially in killing people by a corrupt and brutal regime. Russia should set a good humanitarian example by ditching the mass killer. More blood should be avoided immediately.

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