Kazi Soma’s New Year’s planning

15 January 2022
Kazi Soma’s New Year’s planning

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Babua Babua famed singer Kazi Soma passed last year successfully. For her song Babua Babua, she got offer many offers to perform in stages shows in and outside the capital. For this reason, end of last year and in the beginning of New Year, she passed good times. Right now Soma is very much delighted in this regard. In fact, due to corona pandemic, stage shows were completely stopped for many days. In the meantime, due to increasing corona’s new variant, Omicron many stage shows have already cancelled and some others are going to stop. So, Soma feels bad in this regard. According to the singer, if the Omicron situation improves and situation will become normal, Soma plans to release own original songs this year. For this reason, the singer has taken necessary preparations and planning in this regard.
While talking about her planning in New Year Kazi Soma said, “Basically in the stage shows, I render respected Runa Laila Madam and Sabina Yasmin Madam’s songs. I always feel comfortable to render their songs during stage performance. I think it is our responsibilities to reach their songs to the new generation. For this reason, while performing in stage shows, I always try to render their songs because I love their songs and also show respect to them. Other singers are also doing these. But I think I should have some own original songs which will help me to exist in the field of music. For this reason, this year I want to release some own original songs. Everybody prays for me.”
Kazi Soma dreamt to build up her only son, Swapno like a real human being. For this reason, she is giving more times to music. “When my son will realise my efforts properly, my sufferings will become successful,” Soma also said.
It is mentioned that Anik Sohan wrote lyrics and also composed tune of song Babua Babua. Choreographed by Habib, he also made music video of the song.

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