Keep ordinary patients in ICU, agents playing vital role

Private hospitals charging abnormally high bills

15 January 2022

Reza Mahmud :
Several private hospitals are charging patients with abnormally high bills, saying they were suffering from corona or any other fatal disease, and thereby  cheating them.
They are frightening the patients and sending them to the ICU, though there was no need at all.
The agents have created network in all government hospitals and  in some other renowned  medical services facilities for making quick money..
Sources said, the agents working for those privately running substandard hospitals and clinics firstly spread panic in he hearts of the patients and their relatives about their illness and then used to take them in those targeted hospitals.
Those hospital employees used to assure the patients and their relatives about so called 'sufficient' medical treatments.
They used to keep many of the normal patients in their nominal intensive care unit (ICU) saying patient's life is at risk. In such way, they are making huge money showing their infrastructures only.  
Public health experts said that most of those hospitals have not any real logistics capabilities to run an ICU bed. But they frequently admit patients in their nominal ICU seats.
Public health experts said that patients whose normal systems failed to work only those have to be sent to ICU for intensive cares. But, those hospitals and clinics used to send every Covid like patients to ICU beds only for charging extra money.
They used to charge Tk 5000 to 10,000 only (ICU) as bed rent per day as per the financial condition of the patients. Besides, they charge many more in the name of different medical services.
Sources said, many of the people fear spreading of Omicron to feel helpless and being victimised they surrender.
When contacted, Dr. Salahuddin Mollah, an Consultant of Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital in the capital told The New Nation on Friday, "Several substandard hospitals used to drive away patients to their own from government and quality hospitals and cheat them for making huge money."
"Most of those hospitals have no sufficient logistics and equipment for managing ICU beds," he said.  Law enforcers frequently detained them, but after getting bail, they further start the same heinous activities.
Authorities have to take strict actions against the cheaters, Dr. Salahuddin said.  When contacted, an official from Rushmono Specialised Hospital in the city told The New Nation on Friday that they used to take Covid patients in ICU beds only.
"The Covid patients need extra care and ventilation and such other intensive facilities. So that we normally take all Covid patients in ICU beds," the official said. It is reported that a popular private hospital has increased investigation charges and try to frighten patients and attendants.
About treatment costs in their ICU beds, the official said it can say higher officials only and asked to contact with them.
When contacted, Professor Dr. M. Muzaherul Huq, former Advisor of the World Health Organisation told The New Nation on Friday, "Omicron spreads faster but it appears to cause no severe harm if diagnosed and treated early."
The omicron-attacked patients can be treated at home if we are conscious and alert.  There is nothing to be overshadowed.

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