Last minute electioneering heats up NCC polls

Candidates woo voters with flying promises

15 January 2022
Candidates woo voters with flying promises

Staff Reporter :
Last minutes electioneering of Narayangonj City Corporation (NCC) polls heats up as the mayoral candidates woo voters with flying promises.
The candidates are going door to door on last-minute electioneering as campaigns have ended at midnight Friday and polls at tomorrow.
They are trying to woo voters by making pledges while politically aware city voters are demanding the development of their beloved city.
Ivy, a consecutive two-term mayor, has come up with a number of pledges. She wants to make Narayanganj a pollution and traffic-free modern city. She also wants to make the city a green one and construct a permanent dumping station.
She, as a long term plan, wants to improve the sewerage system of the city and link Narayanganj with Dhaka through metro rail.  
"I have worked for the people of the city, going above all politics. I have faith in the people that they will vote for me," said Ivy.
On the other hand, Taimur promised the development of NCC.
He said: "If I get elected, at first I will reduce taxes for various services by the city corporation."
"I am facing obstacles while carrying out campaigns. At least 17 of my supporters have been arrested within a few days. But I am hopeful that the people will vote for me if they are allowed to vote," he added.
Meanwhile, during a press conference at her home in Narayanganj city on Friday morning Ivy has said the election which is going to take place in the NCC will be Ivy versus many others.
"Many groups may become united to commit violence. Each of my elections here was very challenging. None of the previous elections was out of challenge. This election is also going to be a challenging one for various reasons," she added.
Ivy said, "All the opposition groups have become united to defeat me. Now, the groups may be from inside, or from outside. They all have become united to defeat me in the election. They all have planned to make the election questionable by creating troubles on the election day, because everyone knows that my victory is certain."
"I have already requested the Election Commission to ensure voters' presence at the polling centres. Female and youth voters can go to the polling centres, because these votes are of mine. I don't want to see any kind of violence. My victory is certain if there is no violence in the polling centres. I will win the election, Inshallah," she said.
Ivy said, "I'm always in favour of peace. I don't think that any kind of violence will happen from my side. I also don't have any such forces. I have never committed any violence in my entire life."
On the other hand, Taimur Alam Khandaker also alleged that the administration is pressuring the election officials to shut down CCTV cameras at polling stations.
He made the allegation to the media after an election campaign in the Bandar area in the city on Friday afternoon.
"The administration is instructing the heads of different polling stations to turn off the CCTV cameras in the polling booths.

 I think such instructions have been given for the convenience of stealing votes. While the police have been asked to set up CCTV cameras to curb crime, there is no need to understand what it means to turn off CCTV cameras at polling stations," he added.
The voters also fear that violence may take place in wards 1, 6, 14, 18 and 22 on the polling day as more than one AL leaders are there in the race of councillors.
Wards 11 and 20 where several candidates loyal to BNP are vying for the councillor post may also see violence, they said.
Mohammad Nurul Islam, a resident of Farazikanda under ward No. 20 and newspaper hawker, said Ivy unleashed huge development activities while in office, which may bring victory for her for the third time. Besides, female voters like her more, he said.
He said an untoward situation may take place between the rival councillor candidates in their ward.
On Sunday, six mayoral candidates, 34 councillor candidates in reserve wards for women and 145 councillor candidates in general wards will contest to secure their positions in the upcoming NCC administration. A total of 517,357 voters from 27 wards of NCC will cast their votes in this election.

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