Party-activist teachers are no good for building new generation

15 January 2022

Although the pressure to become a doctor or an engineer is gradually dissipating, the two professions still rank on the top among the youths, found a first-of-its-kind study by the government. In most cases, they wanted to follow all the mainstream professions like doctor, engineer, teacher, banker, lawyer, religious preachers. According to the study, adolescents are dreaming about various off-track professions like YouTubers, professional gamers, content creators, voice artists, philanthropists, cricketers and so on.
To get an understanding of the adolescents' minds regarding their dreams about the future, Economic Relations Division (ERD) researchers conducted an explorative survey among 145 adolescents at all eight divisions between August and September last year. As many as 33 percent of the surveyed adolescents, which comprised students from both Bangla- and English-medium schools and madrasas, harboured off-track dreams. Some interviewees said they were ready to quit from this traditional mainstream schooling system that is not modern and unable to accommodate the arrays of dreams and goals of their lives. The most common dream of the parents is to see their children in teaching or to get into a government job, where helping people was the adolescents' topmost aspiration. The adolescent enthusiasm to engage in the humanitarian cause and to work for the disadvantaged people is widely laudable.
We believe that there is no other alternative but to create an environment of true education that makes one responsible, patriot and knowledgeable. The education of our country is in shambles. We do not see education minister to have any broad view of education. We have seen university to become torture centres. Ignorance is praised. We feel sore for younger generation whose parents afford foreign schooling or higher education. We are, generally speaking, producing rats in the name of education.

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