CDA preparing a master plan after 15 yrs

21 April 2022

Chattogram Bureau :
Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) is again preparing a master plan after 15 years to build a planned city. The city watchdog thinks that if this plan is implemented, the benefits of modern city will be matched. However, the chairman of the company
himself claimed that 100 per cent implementation
of the plan made in 1995 and 2006 was not possible.  
CDA Chairman M S Jahriul Alam on Tuesday disclosed while exchanging views with the media people. After the inauguration, the CDA chairman answered various questions of the journalists. At that time, he said, CDA made a master plan in 1995. Later in 2008, a detailed area plan was prepared.
 Now the project titled ‘Preparation of Master Plan of Chittagong Metropolitan Area (2020-2041)’ has been adopted in line with the vision of the government 2041. The interpreter said, “This time we are conducting the survey in a modern way, so that the error is less. It can be saved in the form of a document by drone. Earlier, when the survey was done, it was done physically. The report given by one of them was wrong but the other gave his consent.”
Asked by reporters how much the previous master plans have been implemented, he said, “No master plan is fully implemented. However, if a plan is prepared, it can be used for planned urbanisation. The project of making master plan will continue for next two years. If all goes well, a complete plan will be available by June 2024.”

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