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Call it national government, call it emergency government – but the need for change is urgent

22 May 2022
Call it national government, call it emergency government – but the need for change is urgent

    – Mainul Hosein :
Dr Zafrulla Chowdhury has given the names of his planned national government for a change in the present circumstances. The names he suggested are his own choice. So the names are not important. The idea that a structural and purposeful change is certainly important. The present government is sunken deep in corruption and in enhancing group interests. Not to have courage to face free election cannot be the government of national unity capable to face a calamity of global reach.
The government is to be reorganised root and branch. To be prepared for the global crisis must mean strong and foresighted government at the helm.
For facing the most difficult days fast rushing in globally originating from the ongoing devastating war fighting not only by brave Ukrainians against the aggression by Russian superpower has already turned into a war between the Russian sway of authoritarianism and NATO representing liberal democracy though both Russia and NATO cautiously avoiding direct confrontation between the two superpowers. The situation is more fraught because president Putin is living in the imperialist past and has little understanding of the present world order to see that conquering another state is not permissible. He must have Ukraine as it was once part of Russia whether or not Ukrainians want it or not.
The US and NATO though supplying directly money and weapons to bolster Ukraine's war efforts knowing how important it is to stop Russian advancement in Europe for  preserving of the Western ideology of democracy and their own existence. Sweden and Finland are now anxious to join NATO as soon as possible finding unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia as a real threat to their sovereignty.
We are not here to discuss the high political philosophy or political design behind the Ukraine war. But the war being potentially between two superpowers affecting international trade and the banking system. It is impacting on the whole world economy, more so the weak and the poor countries. Apart from all round crisis of international trade and shortage of oil and gas there will be shortage of food supply leading to many deaths by hunger.
According to the UN assessment, "the spectre of a global food shortage could last for years". The high cost of staple foods has already risen for the numbers of people who cannot be sure of getting enough to eat are on the brink of famine. If, as is likely, the war drags on and supplies from Russia and Ukraine are obstructed hundreds of millions more people could fall into poverty. Political unrest will descend on many countries of Asia and Africa. Unavailability of gas and oil will sure to hit us most. Prices of most of the essential items have already shot up causing grave anxiety of the honest people depending on honest income.
Change is urgent to have an honest and competent government to prepare ourselves against the global hazard. A corruption-redden government has to be disorganised and resting on no institutions of good government cannot be regarded as equipping ourselves to meet challenges coming from all corners.
Popular base of the government is urgently needed for national unity as against the bitterness of disorganised government depending on police power. A free election in the absence of honest politics and honest leadership will be more frustrating because the grasp of the incompetent corrupt ones will remain only hands will change.
Peaceful change is a horrendous task when there is a void of political leadership both in the government and in the opposition. To them the concept of government is to create the fear of police power.
The country needs a government of selfless politics. A fearless atmosphere for open debate to deal with the crisis beyond our own resources. International cooperation is to be organised.  That the people have no faith in the government is self-evident by the fact the government is not ready to face honest elections.
If the government is in a position to understand the calamity that is to be borne by our people then the government should respond to the need of change and cooperate.
No nation can be hopeful about a safe and prosperous future without the contribution of its best brains and free exchange of views. Expressing open dissent in public affairs is patriotism and not personal enmity.
Call it an emergency government or whatever; we must be ready for the change. We are too much in an entangled situation calling for outside help to put back the government on the right track of democracy.
The last military backed election time caretaker government successfully held a free and fair election. But no change happened. Because the same politics of business is followed by the same leadership. The election offered no change for the good of the people.
We have to cleanse the politics for genuine politicians.
The difficult question is how and who will bring the change for an emergency government of honest and knowledgeable persons from all sectors of public life. We must prove we have honest and able people to run an honest and able government.
It is time for educated people to give up the passivity of doing nothing at a time of maximum national crisis.  Where there is a will there is a way.
It is our country and if so change is to come. It will come through our patriotic educated people. Foreign players are playing their respective role in the affairs of the country. We have to know who our friends are. But no more politics of blood bath of ordinary people for the benefit of unscrupulous politicians.
Emergency change must come now if a free and fair election is to happen, when it is to happen.

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