Drizzling causes knee-deep water in port city

23 May 2022

Chattogram Bureau :
Knee-deep water has accumulated in different streets of the port city due to light rain. Water-logging has occurred somewhere. School-college and office-going people have suffered due to this.
Small and big accidents are happening in the potholes of the submerged road. The locals said that the mishap was due to obstruction in the drainage of water. On the other hand, although the picture of the suffering of the common man is evident, instead of developing the drainage system, the authorities focus only on construction and costly projects.
Students suffer the most from water-logging. Iftiyar, a student at the school, said “When it rains, the road gets watery. I can’t get out of my house. My hometown is Bakalia, the school is in Chawkbazar. In order to come to this short path, one has to face water in three to four places and knee water somewhere.”
Amjad Hossain, a resident of Bahaddarhat, said he had to go to the market for daily necessities. Extreme misery is due to water-logging here.

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