Holistic approach needed to protect environment

09 June 2022
Holistic approach needed to protect environment

Campus Life :
Academics and scientists in a seminar yesterday unequivocally called for a holistic approach to protect the environment from further degradation for the survival of all living beings.
Utmost emphasis should be given to generating awareness among the public in general about the aspects of protecting the environment from their respective ends.
Institute of Environmental Sciences (IES) hosted the seminar at the Engineering Faculty Gallery at Rajshahi University to mark the World Environment Day 2022.
"Only One Earth: Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature" was the main theme of the day this year.
Vice-chancellor (VC) Prof Golam Sabbir Sattar addressed the seminar as the chief guest, while Pro-vice-chancellors Prof Chowdhury Jakaria and Prof Sultan-Ul-Islam spoke as special guests with IES Director Prof Sabrina Naz in the chair.
Professor Emeritus Ainun Nishat of Brac University presented a keynote paper connecting him in the seminar virtually.
He said the environment has been facing a serious threat due to various natural and man-made catastrophes posing an identical threat to the planet at present. So, all the government, non-government and volunteer organizations should forward and work together.
Dr Ainun Nishat identically mentioned that substantial and sustainable reduction of plastic pollution can be the vital means of protecting water bodies and the environment as well from further degradation.
Prof Naderuzzaman from the Department of Botany, Prof Bidhan Chandra Das from the Department of Zoology, Prof Dulal Chandra Biswas from the Department of Mass Communications, and Prof Golam Mostofa and Prof Redwanur Rahman from IES spoke on the occasion as panel discussants.
VC Prof Sabbir Sattar expressed concern over the increasing use of plastics for packaging perishable foods.
He said the local government institutions across the country are not yet ready to adopt the strategy of reducing, reusing, and recycling, a 3R strategy formulated by DoE.
He called for creating awareness among all concerned including the younger generations to prevent environmental degradation that severely threatens the existence of the whole planet, its habitation, and civilization.

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