246th US Independence Day

Ambassador’s Message

04 July 2022
 Ambassador’s Message

Thank you on the celebration of the 246th anniversary of U.S. independence.   Independence Day in America is a day of red, white, and blue;  
a day of pride;  
a day of patriotism;  
a day when we remember that our nation emerged after a bloody war of independence;  
a day when we honor the sacrifices made by veterans to keep our democracy safe.  
This year, as we celebrate 50 years of bilateral relations with Bangladesh, we pay tribute to another nation that emerged after a bloody war of independence.    
We pay tribute to a nation that has overcome great adversity.    
And we look forward to what the future will bring to Bangladesh - and what Bangladesh will bring to the future.   
Neither of our nations is perfect.   
America's founding fathers expressed their desire to build "a more perfect union".   
That is a challenge that Americans face every day - with humility and confidence - as we address weaknesses to our democracy.      
Independence Day in America is also a day of fun.  A day for getting together with friends and family.   
A day for barbeques, parades, and fireworks.   
That is why this year, we decided to celebrate our Independence Day a bit more like we would back home - with jeans, with sliders and hotdogs, with deep-fried pickles and Oreos, with games, and with music.   
And of course with all of you.

Remarks by US Ambassador Peter Haas on
account of US Independence Day 2022

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