Thousand acres of land left uncultivated in Raozan

02 September 2022

Raozan Correspondent  :
Huge cultivable land (bill) located south of Andharmanik village in East Gujara of Rauzan upazila. At one time, paddy and various types of crops were cultivated in these areas of about 15 kani. But for 6 to 7 years, cultivation
is not being done in these areas due to non-cultivation; the land of these areas is now filled with weeds and grass.
It has become unfit for cultivation.
Not only this land in Gujra of Rauzan, hundreds of acres of land are lying uncultivated in different upazilas of Chattogram. While talking with the farmers, it is known that the cultivation is decreasing day by day due to the irrigation crisis, the increase in the cost of irrigated agriculture, the creation of waterlogging in the monsoons, the agricultural people moving towards the cities in search of livelihood, the disinterest of the new generations in agriculture and the breakup of the dependent family. Also, industrialisation in rural areas had a major impact on agricultural land. A large amount of land including permanent fallow and uncultivated land is being reduced for setting up industries.
According to the District Agricultural Extension Directorate, the amount of cultivated land in Chattogram district is three lakh 85 thousand 377 hectares, cultivable land is two lakh 7 thousand 29 hectares and cultivable fallow land (uncultivated) is 15 thousand 213 hectares. Permanent fallow land is 18 thousand 133 hectares while land use density is 40 per cent. According to the agriculture department, 68 thousand   acres of cultivable land is not being cultivated in the upazila.

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