Bangladesh enters global network of higher quality cosmetics products

13 September 2022

Staff Reporter  :
Bangladesh has entered the international network of producing high-quality cosmetics products based on the latest technology. Cosmetics products produced in Bangladesh will now be exported to Europe-America.
Besides, Remark is bringing cosmetics products made in other developed countries of the world to Bangladeshi customers. As a result, a new chapter was initiated in the cosmetics industry of Bangladesh in the chain that was created.
In this process, the consumers of Bangladesh will be able to use high quality cosmetics free of adulteration and counterfeit. Access to the international network of cosmetics manufacturers will bring a huge benefit to Bangladeshi consumers, who will no longer fear counterfeiting in the use of cosmetics.
Now consumers can safely use world-class cosmetics products made with the latest technology. Remark is marketing these products made in developed countries including USA, Canada, Germany not only in the local market but also in the markets of other countries outside Bangladesh.
At the same time, initiatives have been taken to produce cosmetics products in Bangladesh with the best American technology and market them in other countries of the world. For this purpose, a state-of-the-art industry has been established in Ghazaria of Munshiganj.
As a result, Bangladesh will be the international hub for manufacturing high quality cosmetics products in South Asia. International quality cosmetics products of latest technology produced in Bangladesh will be exported to different countries of the world. In other words, the cosmetics products made in developed countries such as America, Canada and Germany will come to Bangladesh, as well as the cosmetics products made here will be exported.
Earlier, Remark took responsibility for the production and marketing of Nior products worldwide through the acquisition of Nior Cosmetics LLC of the United States. Broad based marketing activities have already started to increase Nior's share in Bangladesh. 49 products of Nior brand made in Canada and Germany with the latest technology invented in America are now being sold in different showrooms of the country.
Ashraful Ambia, managing director of Remark HB Limited, said that the purchasing power of the people of the country has increased along with the development of socio-economic conditions. Taste has improved. Now the people of Bangladesh are in favor of boycotting adulterated or low quality products. And if it is cosmetics, then there is no question. Beauty should not only be cosmetics, but it should also be healthy. Remark HB is going to open a new direction in the cosmetics market from the point of changing consumer taste and commitment.

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