OPD patients at BSMMU annoyed with medical representatives

13 September 2022

Noman Mosharef :
The OPD patients at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) are annoyed with the Medical Promotion Officers, popularly known as medical representatives.
The medical representatives gather in front of the BSMMU's outpatient department (OPD), enter outdoor doctors' chambers and thereby hinder getting proper treatment for the patients.
When the patients get out from the doctors room, the representatives become mad to see the prescription and take a snap of it. If any patient refuses to give them the prescription they misbehaved with them.
When the medical representatives enter the doctors' chamber frequently, the patients have to wait in a long queue for getting doctors' meeting.
Shayla Sharmin, a mother of one and a half year old kid, came to visit a pediatric at BSMMU's OPD.
She had experienced badly with a medical representative recently.
She said when she gets out from doctor's room with prescription suddenly a group of medical representatives rushed to her and tried to get the prescription.  Then she tried to keep a distance from them but a woman representative snatched the prescription and took a snap.
Shayla said, I asked her why she snatched it without my permission; she behaved with me in such a way that it was her right to get it and use some inappropriate words.
Seeking anonymity, a doctor from OPD Pediatric said sometimes we felt helpless about their behaviour.
When asked why the representatives enter the doctor's room, he replied it does not happen frequently. It happen only when doctor has good relations with any medical representative.  He said we always try to focus the patients. Our first and foremost priority is to provide the proper treatment to the patients.
Proctor of the BSMMU Professor Md. Habibur Rahman told The New Nation that we are very much attentive to ensure the patients' rights. Our all manpower dedicated to confirm the perfect treatment of the patients.
He said, our Ansar members are very active to follow the security rules. They try to stop outsides in the hospital during OPD treatment period. But sometimes the representatives enter without their concern. The proctor further said no one have any right to hinder the patients' treatment. We will take stern action against them.

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