Space on Dhaka walkways shrinks

Unplanned passenger sheds

14 September 2022

Noman Mosharef :
The Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has built unplanned passenger shelter on the footpath which barred the citizens' smooth movement.  
Interestingly, these unplanned passenger shelters were built in front of the street railing for which the citizens' unable to use the shelters.
As a result, these passenger shelters remain unproductive.
Recently, a photograph has become viral showing that the authority was building a passenger shelter before a railing in the Ramna footpath area. Later, the authority has broken down the railing. A few a passenger shelters have been constructed at Fakirapool, in front of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Basabo and other places across the DSCC. A resident from Basabo area Md Adnan Arif said I could not understand what kind of plan was working in the authorities mind. These passenger shelters have no utility as it blocked the footpath haltering the citizens walking.
According to information, two passenger shelters have been constructed on Karlbhat Road in Fakirapool of the capital, even though buses are not plying. Basabo's road canopy was also of no use. People's wealth is being wasted due to lack of maintenance.
Chittaranjan Das, councilor of Ward No. 5 of Dhaka South City, said that all the three works were done by the previous mayor. They have done it by spending the corporation's money. The contractors were also not properly supervised.    In this regard, Professor Dr. Adil Muhammad Khan said, after taking the plan for the proper use of the passenger tent, the coordination of local public representatives and contractor organizations should be ensured.
He said the city is becoming inhabitable day by day. Such types of unplanned urbanizations accelerate in this process.
There are no alternatives to take a fruitful plan to make the city livable as the citizens are facing various challenging to sustain here Dr. Adil Muhammad Khan added.
Meanwhile, DSCC Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapos said that these installations are being planned. Citizens will start reaping the benefits of new routes in the city.
Mayor further said the DSCC is working with a mega plan to free the footpath of the city and people will see within short time of implementation it.

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