Vaccination of children aged 5-11 years from Oct 11 in districts, upazilas

18 September 2022

The government will start inoculating children aged between 5 to 11 years against Covid-19 in districts and upazilas from October 11.
A total of 2,26,38,737 children across the country will be brought under the vaccination campaign, said Dr Md Anwar Hossain Howladar, Secretary of Health Services Division under the Ministry of Health.
The date was announced at a national advocacy workshop on vaccinating children in the city Saturday.
From October 11 children at municipality level will be vaccinated and thus children at community level will get the Covid-19 vaccines, said the secretary.
With this, those who did not receive vaccine earlier will be brought under the coverage, he added.
"Many countries have not started vaccinating children yet but we have. We sought approval from the World Health Organization earlier and immediately after getting approval we've started vaccination campaign," said the secretary.

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