Unite against public sufferings: Election is far away

18 September 2022 MAINUL HOSEIN
Unite against public sufferings: Election is far away

Clashes over a far away 'non-election' election now make no sense when the present miseries of people are being placed on the back burner. The politics of business in the absence of people's politics is no politics.

The main opposition BNP has already announced it will not take part in an election to be held more than a year later under this government and without dissolution of the parliament. If it is a policy decision not to be wavered on until the last time, then to talk about the activities of the Election Commission is of no consequence.

The Election Commission is nothing but a bluff to cover up elections to be conducted by the government itself and its victory is in the government's pockets.

 If the Election Commission has the intention to hold a free election it should be easy for it to show the example of how in India the parliament is dissolved before the general election and the same parliamentary election method should be followed here. It is useless to enter into any expert discussion and wise debate about the use of machines for voting when a free election has no chance. If the government doesn't agree to step down peacefully, it will have to face the alternative.  

Though signs are there that there will be no third chance for the government. The government should try to understand how in every way, including the politics of police cases, public life has been made difficult and unsafe.

The opposition should fight unitedly for the burning issues of daily financial miseries and joblessness of the general people caused by economic corruption and mismanagement of the government which has made public life full of economic hardship. Many are finding it too hard to live hand to mouth. The government party's extortionists have to be satisfied. Party thugs are committing crimes one after another including gang rape.  There are now torture centres at the universities. If the police do not join them, they have to think twice before coming to
the help of the victims. The police are being used shamefully as political workers and it has made politics controversial and the police's professional reputation has been sullied internationally.

Resistance should be organised locally and nationally against people's miseries as well as against those who commit crimes taking advantage of the police inaction. Mere clashes with the police will not restrain the police. The unemployed young ones are now easily available to work as thugs under the government for earning money through committing sinful activities and they are becoming sinners.

The leaders of the political parties must know that the people do not take them as people's friends. Let their parties become people's parties and not businessmen's parties. The people know how the opposition gained from election robbery last time for making money breaking their earlier promises. In consistency with this, the opposition joined the unelected parliament shamelessly on the basis of seats given by the government as a gift.

In a free election the government will be routed. It is also known to the government. They will prefer to give up power if the arrangement for a free election can be ensured with international support. The question will remain whether a mere free election will bring real change to the politics of money making business.

There are so many burning problems for the people demanding immediate redress. Price of the daily necessities of life has gone sky high beyond the reach of many. The government raised prices of public utility services like petrol, gas and electricity. Then there is the increase in crimes. Because of the shattered economy, many have shuttered their businesses. The new income opportunities are not available. Life for unlucky people is harsh and brutal.

For the increased revenue the government's pressure on businessmen and others is so erratic and cruel that the survival of the ordinary people has become a question of life and death. There are tricks and extraordinary power to open up extra money after the final payment of tax.  

Huge sums of tax are due from the government corporations but they have no worry about corruption and careless management for not leaving any money for payment of tax. The looters and plunderers are enjoying government protection. The people's stolen money must be asked to return. But thieves of public money are safely showing off their fabulous lifestyle.

It is alleged that the opposition parties are such that they seem to ignore public interest and think of the flow of money that will be available for distribution for stealing people's vote. The people are unimportant. If real change comes, we will know how Russia-type rule of oligarchs is established in Bangladesh.

The political parties are already talking of election alliances and negotiating on how strength will be gathered for the bargaining process of election robbery. The money will be distributed for parliamentary seats given to keep the present unaccountable government to continue in power as unelected.

The government can bluff us but the international community cannot be bluffed. They know the character of the government. They tolerate because we tolerate. They also exploit the government to secure undue advantages. Instead of becoming powerful with the support of the people, the government depends on foreign powers.

In Bangladesh also, there can be a free election if only foreign powers insist. However, the government can fall for the breakdown of its internal management structure.   

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