BGB, Coast Guard asked to remain alert

Dhaka summons Myanmar envoy for 4th time over border tensions

19 September 2022

Staff Reporter :
Amid the escalating tension on the Bangladesh-Myanmar borders, Dhaka has summoned the Myanmar envoy for the fourth time in a month to lodge a strong protest note to maintain territorial integrity by stopping firing mortar shells and bullets.
Foreign Ministry on Sunday summoned Myanmar Ambassador Aung Kyaw Moe to serve a 'protest note' to stop the firing of mortar shells inside Bangladesh territory while containing their internal issues.
Over the last one month, Myanmar has been breaching the air space of Bangladesh and their mortar shells and bullets have been landing inside Bangladesh territory. But Myanmar is not paying heed to it except for some verbal promises.  
Meanwhile, the Bangladesh government has directed the members of Bangladesh Border Guards (BGB) and Coast Guards to remain alert on the hotspot of the borders to prevent further Rohingya infiltration.
Director General of the Southeast Wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nazmul Huda on Sunday summoned the Myanmar envoy and expressed deep concern over the recent incidents of bombardment along the Bangladesh-Myanmar borders.
Meanwhile, after holding a meeting with the law enforcing agencies, acting Foreign Secretary Rear Admiral (Retd) Md Khurshed Alam said that the government has asked the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Bangladesh Coast Guard to remain on high alert with "reinforcement" if necessary.
About the deployment of BGB and other law enforcing agencies, he said, "We have held a meeting with our agencies. We have directed the BGB and Coast Guard members to remain on high alert to prevent further infiltration of Rohingyas."
"What is happening inside Myanmar is none of our business. It is their responsibility. We have told their envoy to stop mortar shelling inside Bangladesh," he told the journalists.  
Khurshed Alam, also secretary at Maritime Affairs Unit (MAU) at the Foreign Ministry said that Bangladesh is a "responsible and peace-loving country" and showed its utmost patience for a long time.
"We have told them to resolve your own problems. We don't want any bloodshed inside our territory," he added.
In reply to a query, he also said, "We are doing everything as a neighbouring country and we have no weakness. We have warned them from our strong position."
He also said that Bangladesh has been trying to raise the issue before the ASEAN countries to deescalate the tensions on the border.
Replying to a question, he said, "Myanmar envoy did not answer about the protest note, but he will send the note to the Naypyidaw. The envoy said that the firing can be from the Arakan army. But we have reminded him that it is their internal issue. We don't want anything to happen here."
Earlier on Saturday, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that Bangladesh wants to resolve the issues with Myanmar peacefully, but, if necessary, the issue will be raised before the United Nations.
He also said that Myanmar did not keep its promises despite warning several times to stop the tensions.
"Myanmar's internal conflicts should remain within its territory," he added.
The escalating conflicts inside Myanmar border have created much awe among the local communities as mortar shells and bullets land inside Bangladesh territory. As a result the inhabitants in the area are passing through fearful times.
On Friday night, a 17-year-old-Rohingya boy Mohammad Iqbal was killed and five others were injured as a mortar shell fired by the Myanmar army exploded at the Zero Point Rohingya Camp close to Tombru in Bandarban.
Twelve mortar shells have been landed on Bangladesh territory so far.
Earlier on September 4, Foreign Ministry summoned the Myanmar envoy to serve the protest notes over the breach of border law while the envoy was also summoned on August 21 and 29 when mortar shells fell inside Bangladesh territory on August 20 and 28.

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