Sand grabbers make agro land vulnerable in Rangpur

25 September 2022

Staff Reporter :
Sand grabbers have made agro-land and embankment vulnerable in Gongachara upazila of Rangpur district.
Locals alleged that several influential persons are plundering sands from Teesta river illegally day and night ignoring laws and damaging farmlands.
Local farmers alleged that those sand looters are a threat to the flood protection embankment of the Teesta river.
"Several people from Rangpur are cutting the road for lifting sands near the bridge. We have tried to prevent them but they threatened us saying they are men of a very powerful quarter," said farmer Shafikul Islam of nearby Mahipur village.
Shafikul and about 50 farmers of the area said that the villagers are afraid of losing their
crops land due to the sand looters' cutting the embankment.
Local journalists alleged that sand looter Sabiul Islam Saber threatened them on Friday when they tried to take snap of his people's sand lifting activities near the bridge. Saber and his men were snatching the cameras and mobile phones.
He said, "We have permission from very powerful quarter to lift sands from everywhere."
Threatening the journalists, Saber said, "How dare you prevent us from lifting sands."
He said, "We need no permission from the UNO or any other. We can take sands from anywhere."
When contacted,  Shahnaj Begum Additional Deputy Commissioner told The New Nation on Saturday, "No one can lift sands without obtaining permission from the administration." The ADC said that she would give directives to the Gongachara UNO for taking action immediately.

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