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27 September 2022

Leaving rubbish on roads

Recently the city corporation has done a very good job by repairing the streets and constructing new drains and footpaths in the Mohammadpur area. The city corporation deserves appreciation for this.
But with much concern I have noticed that rubbish is still being heaped by the side of the roads. One more thing, whenever the city corporation cleans the sewerage lines, they leave the sewage just by the side of the manhole, which eventually spreads around the area and again finds its way into the manhole when it rains.
I would like to draw the attention of the city corporation to the above matters. At the same time, they should take appropriate measures to get their digging work done without cutting the underground cables, especially those of telephones.

Professor M Zahidul Haque
SAU, Dhaka

Dysfunctional local government

We invariably harp the same string that the local bodies of government in Bangladesh are modelled on the British pattern. In their composition and function, they differ immensely from each other on a local level.
The British local government has mounted the pinnacle of prosperity. It has successfully embellished and ameliorated conservative policies. For instance, the health services organized by the local authorities in England are far superior to those existing in our country. Our local bodies are far behind their British counterparts in providing maternity and child welfare services.
The Bangladeshi government doesn't pay proper attention to education in slums. Education is the basic right of people. Further, the local government of the country is also dysfunctional in paying attention to unhealthy slums.
At this critical juncture, the health of the people is at stake and the government is in profound slumber. It is time for the local government to administer the best possible treatment to the unhealthy people who are bearing precarious and fatal diseases like chill, cough and dengue fever.
The local authorities of Bangladesh must work properly in order to prevent health crisis and academic crisis. The local authority must pay attention to matters of public health, sanitation, medical relief, education and housing.

Ahmed Tahsienul Araefin

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