Deaths of Hindu devotees in boat capsize is shocking

27 September 2022

It is shocking to know that 50 Hindu devotees died as an engine-run boat capsized in Karotoa River at Aulia Ghat in Madea union of Boda, Panchagarh on Sunday. Moreover, dozens of devotees who were on the boat are still missing. Apparently, since the water vessel was overloaded beyond its capacity, the tragedy happened. The vessel could take only 50 people, but there were actually more than a hundred people on it who were going to join the Mahalaya festival at Badeshwari temple in Barashashi union.
Capsize of vessels due to overloading beyond capacity is nothing new in Bangladesh. It is during the Eid festivals of Muslim community, such tragedies in Bangladesh frequently occur. This kind of accident not only becomes unbearable for the family and friends of the victims of the tragedy, they also create an atmosphere of gloom for the community or for the whole country for that matter.
Deaths of so many Hindu devotees will certainly mar the Durga puja festivities of the Hindu community this year. But lack of caution on the part of people who crowd a water vessel beyond its capacity as well as those who are responsible for plying such vessels on the river are equally responsible for the tragedy of this kind. Only mere taking caution can save scores of lives in Bangladesh each year.
While we extend our deep sympathy to the families of victims, we urge the government to take measures for helping the families of the victims in this crisis, if necessary financially, so that they can give a decent funeral to their dead family members and withstand the crisis.
However, it is also pertinent to express here that the authorities in Bangladesh have a responsibility to maintain security at each puja mandap in the country so that no untoward incident takes place during the puja celebrations. There is no dearth of vested quarters or people to create chaos in the country fanning the communal sentiment. Last year, during the Durga puja, placing of the holy Quran on the thigh of the Hindu idol Ganesha at a mandap instigated a section of Muslims to create mayhem in many puja madaps.
Since even a small incident can flare up a full-blown communal situation, it is necessary to put in place foolproof security at the puja venues. Each puja mandap authorities as well as the law enforcers must remain mindful about this ugly prospect. 

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