CWASA system loss now stands at 28pc

28 September 2022

Chattogram Bureau :

A meter inspector of Chattogram WASA is responsible for collecting data from 2,000 to 2,500 meters. A total of 42 meter inspectors are going door to door making bills of about 78 thousand customers. Due to these reasons, there is an allegation of not getting the correct account of the use of water produced by WASA.
In order to solve the
long-standing crisis of Chattogram WASA, the
initiative to install 3000 pure ultrasonic digital meters under the pilot project was taken a long time ago to automate the billing system. The project has not yet been implemented due to various complications.
At present, Chattogram WASA’s three projects and ground water treatment plant produce about 45 crore liters of water on a daily average. According to the latest MIS report released last June, 28 percent of the total produced water is system loss or non-revenue water.

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