Ahona is staying busy with acting after a break

01 October 2022
Ahona is staying busy with acting after a break

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Popular TV actress and model Ahona Rahman went on break for some days from acting. After the break, preparing herself properly the actress has become regular in acting. Few days ago, she went to Australia to get relief mentally.
After returns, she has been acting
in various projects one after another.
In October, she will remain busy with works round the month.
Ahona Rahman informed that round the month of October, she will act in Al Hazen’s seven-episode serial and Alok Hasan, Mohin Khan, Sajib Khan, Julfiqar Ali Shishir,
M R Russell and among others directorial different projects. Zaher Alvi, Shamim Hasan Sarkar and Rashed will act opposite Ahona
in these projects.
While talking about to work in different projects specially dramas one after another round the month of October, Ahona told this correspondent: “I was born in Mirpur, Dhaka. I had many days’ dream to buy a flat in any place in Mirpur area. My dream has come into true, Alhamdulillah. Due to payment of the installment for buying my flat,
I have to work continuously now. I am trying to give priority to work in good story based projects. I have already got response for some works. Before starting works in full swing, I went to Australia. I have returned from Australia after getting mentally relaxed. I hope my new works will be good and
viewers will enjoy these.”
Ahona informed that either in December or beginning of next year, she will start to live at her own flat. She has already completed shooting of Mohin Khan directed drama titled ‘Bhalobasi Gelam Fasiya’ opposite Shamim Hasan Sarkar. Therefore, Ahona starrer drama titled ‘X Jokhon Bhabi,’ directed by Mohin Khan, also got popularity among the viewers. Shamim Hasan Sarkar also acted opposite her in this drama. Ahona last acted in
Mir Sabbir directed mega serial ‘Noashal.’ Later, she didn’t see to act in any other drama serial. While talking about the reason not to act in drama serial later, Ahona said, “Once after opening television channels, viewers could watch me frequently. To stop that thing, she
left acting in drama serials later.”
Ahona was also seen to act in some movies. If she gets offer to work in good story based movies, she will surely shown her keen interest to act in the silver screen.
In the capital’s Uttara area, Ahona had a beauty salon which was shut down earlier, said the actress. 

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